Three sweet puppies were born tonight, mom and children er well ❤️

The proud parents are :

Multi ch. Jemma des Princes de Minos x Multi ch Beauty of Sicilia Valentino ❤️ 

From left to right:

Girl 1, Girl 2 og Boy 1










The puppies are now 10 days old and have doubled in size since birth. Nicely round like tiny footballs



The small puppies turned three weeks yesterday. They have been registered in the DKK and have gotten their pedigree names.

Girl 1: Hamingjor Aura

Girl 2: Hamingjor Arya

Boy: Hamingjor Audwin

They’ve also had their first meal of solid food. They have been wanting to steal their mothers food for a while, so it was time to offer them some and they love it.

They have also moved out of our bedroom and into the living room in a puppy pen so they can get used to all the life and sounds in the house. They have said hello to the three other dogs, which Jemma wasn’t very pleased about, so at the moment, play happens through the bars of the puppy pen. Jemma is very protective and needs to grow accustomed to the new situation.

As part of their socialization, I have started playing “bad” sounds that they will be exposed to in their lives, which they shouldn’t be afraid of. It is everything from street noises , ambulances, church bells, roadwork, kids on playgrounds, fireworks, thunder and so on. In small doses of course, and after the first surprise they took it with good composure.